Consumer credit with immediate response

Credits with immediate response are attracting more and more borrowers whose projects must be completed quickly. The principle: no need to go through the box “go to the banker” before seeing his file accepted (or refused). These types of consumer credit are mainly available online. Explanation.

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  1. What is an immediate response credit?
  2. An express study for fast online credit
  3. Credit immediate response: the operation
  4. Documents to provide for a credit with immediate response
  5. Funds released in 48 hours only?
  6. How to get a credit with immediate response?

What is an immediate response credit?

When there is an urgent need for money or an unforeseen event, it is not always easy to obtain consumer credit as quickly as you would like. This is precisely what conso credit with immediate response is used for : with this type of credit, you quickly obtain a first opinion (positive or negative) from the institution you have applied for to obtain a credit.

Where to ask for a conso credit with immediate response?

Not all financial institutions offer immediate credit response. With traditional banking institutions, the processing time is often longer. Thus, to find an immediate credit response, it is wise to turn to organizations that offer loans online.

An express study for fast online credit

An express study for fast online credit

Some offers of online credit conso do not hesitate to highlight their speed of response, thus guaranteeing borrowers express access to the amount requested. Candidates just have to fill out an online form in which they inform the organization of their family, professional and financial situation. All they have to do is enter their criteria, ie the loan amount, its duration and the type of rapid consumer credit desired (personal loan or assigned credit).

For their part, the organizations undertake to provide an immediate response , which indicates to the borrowers that their application has been accepted after a first brief study of the file. This immediate response is also called “agreement in principle”.

The immediate response has no contractual value

The immediate response has no contractual value

Be careful, if you get an agreement in principle with an immediate response credit, it has no contractual value . Only the loan offer guarantees the commitment of the organization: it means that you have to wait for the definitive answer to be sure to get your consumer loan.

Credit immediate response: the operation

To sum up, if you want to apply for an instant credit online, the process is as follows:

  • After performing a credit simulation, you access the offers available according to your situation and your needs;
  • If you are interested in a credit offer, you apply for credit from the bank or agency in question;
  • After an initial quick study of your file, the establishment gives a positive opinion on your request and gives you its agreement in principle. The establishment can also give you a negative opinion, the procedure then stops there;
  • The institution will then study in more detail your file, after receiving your vouchers. If he agrees to grant you a loan, he makes you a definitive offer.

Documents to provide for credit with immediate response

Immediate consumer credit is a consumer credit like the others, the only difference being that the process is accelerated. We must therefore provide the same documents as for a traditional loan application, namely:

  • An ID ;
  • Proof of address of less than 3 months;
  • Your last three pay slips (employees) or your last tax notice (non-employees);
  • An RIB (bank account statement);
  • Proof of purchase / expense in the case of an assigned credit.

Funds released in 48 hours only?


With a conso credit with immediate response, institutions generally promise to release funds in about 48 hours. Note, however, that this period may be longer , depending on the banks, the periods of the year and deadlines.

Even if the process is speeded up, an immediate credit application can take a little time. Between the credit application, the first response, the sending of vouchers, the definitive answer and the signing of the loan offer, it often takes at least a week for immediate conso credit to succeed.

Pay attention to the possible constraints of these loans express: interest rates can quickly rise and the attractiveness of offers can push some people to accumulate these credits “easy”.

How to get a credit with the immediate response?


Many personal loans align with their competition by putting forward an immediate policy response. These fast online loans are often without any proof of use, which means that the borrower is not obliged to justify the reason for his loan (car purchase, travel, replacement equipment, etc.).

The credit with an immediate response is therefore intended for all individuals who wish for such or such reason quickly realize a financial project, without going through a physical appointment and a long file review.

Like all credits, the fast online loan is demanding: by subscribing, you agree and must check your ability to repay, at the risk of having to pay much higher fees or find yourself in a situation of over-indebtedness.