Loan Center – Loan without collateral

Fast Credit is a Finnish financial company that offers its customers unsecured consumer credit for various purposes. The borrower can apply for a loan of USD 500-20,000 up to a 10 year repayment period.

The loan rate is always personal between 5% and 18%.

By asking for free loan offers, you can see if you can get a cheap loan from Fast Credit and 30 other loan services.

Applicants can use whatever they want, such as combining old loans , purchasing a newer car or, for example, a bigger purchase.

Brief information:


  • Consumer credit USD 500 – 20,000.
  • The loan period is 2 – 10 years.
  • The loan does not require any security or guarantee.
  • Fixed loan rate throughout the loan period.
  • All costs are clearly displayed in the initial loan offer.
  • Individual loan offers.
  • Fill out one application and get multiple loan quotes for comparison.
  • Example loan : Loan 2000 USDos, loan period 36 months, installment 68.93 $ / month, brokerage fee 100 $, account management fee 9 $ / month. The nominal interest rate of the loan is between 4.19% and 20%. The other costs of the loan are USD 0-150 per year.

Who can get a loan from a loan company?


The applicant must fulfill at least the following criteria in order for the Lending Company to grant him a loan

  • At least 20 years of age
  • Clear credit history
  • Finnish citizenship
  • Regular income

After completing the application, the applicant’s loan application will be competed with over 30 banks and finance companies.

Bidding on a loan gives the applicant the best chance of finding the best loan on the loan market, even within the same day of submitting the application.

Completing a loan application or applying for a loan will cost the applicant nothing. Loan Consolidation gets its reward from partner banks, never from a borrower.

How is the loan repaid?


Unless otherwise specified in the loan agreement, the loan will be repaid in accordance with the repayment plan shown on the loan agreement. The borrower of the loan borrower gets a repayment term of 2 to 10 years and this loan period depends on the amount of loan applied for. The larger the loan the customer takes, the longer is the payout period.

We recommend that you borrow within the limits of your financial solvency. The loan must always be repaid in full, and if the monthly installment of the loan is too high, there may be problems with the loan repayment. In case of problems, the applicant is asked to contact the lender.

Compete on the link below for Fast Credit Loan and 30 other loan providers. Only by filling out a loan application can you find out your personal loan offers.

Loan offers can be accessed by the applicant without any commitment. If one of the offers is willing, the applicant will be allowed to accept the offer, unless there is anything he can reject.